Fall Planting & Seed Resources 2020

As we head into July, I thought it would be useful to share some planting guides and seed resources for anyone who wants to start their late summer and fall harvest. July is a great month to start the three sisters (corn, beans, squash), pumpkins, and peas, and many more. Here are 3 guides that focus on Zone 8. Use these as guidelines and experiment in your own garden to see which works the best for your schedule and plot planting history.

As you think about the next vegetables you want to grow, remember to rotate your selections every year. If you planted squash at the end of your plot, try planting beans this year. Rotating what grows in each section helps maintain soil health and increases the chances of your plants being disease and pest free. Many bad pests and fungus over winter in soil and resurface on the same crop the following year. The best pest and fungus control is prevention! Especially since our plots all in close quarters with each other.

Here are some of my favorite seed selections. I highly recommend buying seeds that are first heirloom and open pollinated seeds since they help maintain genetic diversity in our plants. They are also known to be generally more flavorful and nutritious to boot!

Heat Tolerant Seed Resources

Other online resources

Happy gardening!

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