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Membership & Payment Information

Join us in growing local organic food!

How it Works

Growing a garden bed is a great hobby for all ages. Anyone interested may sign-up on our waitlist to receive a plot. We ask for two types of fees and adherence to our membership requirements. Annual dues are based on how much water we consume: this year that worked out to $25 for the year. On joining we ask for a one time tool fee of $20.

PPCG is committed to affordable community gardening. If you make below 80% of the Median Family income for Austin for your household size, you are eligible for an annual dues fee waiver. 

The food you grow is yours to keep or share. We work as a community to share ideas, support each other’s efforts, celebrate achievements and to act as good stewards to the land.

Please read these documents to see if we are in agreement

Step Two: Secure a spot on our waiting list

Please fill out our PPCG Waiting List Form to secure your spot. We will contact you once a plot is available. Once we contact you, we will set up a time to meet and go over our guidelines and show you around the garden.

We are located at Patterson Park 4200 Brookview Road, Austin, TX 78722

Step Three: Orientation Tour and Payment

The site coordinator will setup an orientation tour and will coordinate payment details after. It is a $20 one time tool fee and an estimated yearly membership fee of $25 a year.

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