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Updates and resources about our garden

Fall Planting & Seed Resources 2020

As we head into July, I thought it would be useful to share some planting guides and seed resources for anyone who wants to start their late summer and fall harvest. July is a great month to start the three sisters (corn, beans, squash), pumpkins, and peas, and many more. Here are 3 guides that…

Compost Tea Recipe

Compost tea acts like a dilute form of fertilizer that can be sprayed onto leaves or used as a soil drench. For a detailed discussion on the safe use of compost tea check out this free extension webinar Making and Using Compost Teas Things you’ll need: 5 gallon bucketplastic mixing tubair bubbler2 “D” cell batteries…

Compost Troubleshooting guide

New Pile Not Heating Up Three possibilities: Take a handful of the compost material and squeeze it in your hand. If it leaves a shiny residue on the palm of your hand then the pile is too wet. Turn the pile more frequently than normal to add in some air. In an extreme case add…

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