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Sponsors & Friends

The gardeners of Patterson Park Community Garden thank our sponsors and friends for helping our garden come to life.

Sponsors & Friends

Austin Parks & Recreation

Austin Parks and Recreation recognizes that community gardens help provide access to nutritious food that can be produced with fewer carbon resources. Community gardens promote the local food economy, food security and provide educational opportunities.

The Coalition of Austin Community Gardens

The Coalition of Austin Community Gardens facilitates the creation of community gardens in the Greater Austin Metro Area and strives to foster stability for existing gardens and to help them become more vibrant, diverse places.

Austin Parks Foundation

Austin Parks Foundation is a non profit organization devoted to making Austin a greener healthier, safer and more accessible place to live, work and play.

The Friends of Patterson Park

Patterson Park connects five central Austin neighborhoods offering a variety of recreational opportunities. The Friends of Patterson Park (FoPP) has lovingly worked to beautify and improve the park since 2002. Click on the logo to find out what else is happening!

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